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Fully escorted tours designed for an amazing experience of a lifetime, led by professional Government certified tour guides. Choose from our special Jordan tours and travel at great price. Call us today! We are glad to service you in a incredible journey to the “land of the Bible.”

Christian Holy Land Tours to Jordan Christian Holy Land Tours to Jordan

Faith brought many pilgrims to Jordan where you’ll find the ancient Rose City of Petra a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and where during the Exodus Moses and the Israelites passed through the area of Edom. Local tradition says the spring of Wadi Musa, “Valley of Moses,” just outside of Petra, is the place Moses struck the rock and brought forth water (Numbers 20:10-11). Petra was almost certainly the last staging post of the three kings, who took frankincense, gold and myrrh to honor baby Jesus (Matthew 2:1-12). Stand in Mount Nebo the place Moses viewed the Holy Land of Canaan, the Promised Land that he would never enter. He died and was buried in Moab, "in the valley opposite Beth-Peor" (Deuteronomy 34:6). Mount Nebo a special place of pilgrimage for early Christianity and a Holy Land site commemorated by Christians from all over the world. Make your dream come true, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.
Christian Tours

Footsteps of Christ Tour II & Jordan Valley of Moses Tour - 12 Day Israel & Jordan Holy Land Travel Tour

Footsteps of Moses - 13 Day Egypt, Jordan, Israel Holy Land Travel Tour

Where it all Began - 15 Day Egypt, Jordan, Israel Holy Land Travel Tour

Jewish Heritage Tours to Jordan Jewish Heritage Tours to Jordan

Journey to the land promised to you by God, the land of your father, the land where you belong. Stand before the Western Wall and learn about the heritage of your people while we deliver our signature class services and superior accommodations during our fully escorted Jewish tours to Israel – guided by an Israeli Government certified professional guide trained specially on Jewish heritage and Israel history. Thousands of people traveling safe every year with Israel Tourism Consultants benefit from amazing values on our all included (see tour inclusions) Israel tours – making a trip to Israel, an incredible and wonderful adventure that you’ll remember all your life. Celebrate your Bar/Bat Mtizvah in Israel during a Jewish Heritage tour option. Let us take you to the land where you belong, the land of Israel on our special and fully guided escorted heritage tours.
Jewish Tours

Exodus Tour - 15 Day Egypt & Israel Travel Tour with Optional Petra Jordan Excursion

General Classic Tours to Jordan General Classic Tours to Jordan

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which has captivated ancient and modern travelers, continues to enthrall a whole new generation as a modern, vibrant nation. From the haunting, primeval starkness of Wadi Rum, to the teeming centre of urban Amman from the majestic ruins of bygone civilizations to the timeless splendor of the Dead Sea, Jordan is unveiled as a unique destination offering breathtaking and mysterious sights, high standard accommodations, exquisite cuisine and countless activities that can provide visitors with inspiration, motivation, and rejuvenation. Jordan is a land steeped in history. It has been home to some of mankind's earliest settlements and villages, and relics of many of the worlds great civilizations can still be seen today – join us on a escorted tour of Jordan, we promise an experience of a lifetime you’ll never forget.
Classic Tours

Petra Tour from Israel - 1 Day General Petra Excursion Tour

Jordan Tour from Israel - 3 Day General Jordan Travel Tour

Jordan Tour II from Israel - 4 Day General Jordan Travel Tour

Day Tours and Excursions to Jordan Day Tours and Excursions to Jordan

Our one day excursion and three-four day tours are perfect for those who want to extend their trips in the holy land and see amazing sites in Jordan. If you’re already in Israel, visiting friends and family, or want to explore beyond Israel, we have the perfect excursion from Israel that will provide you with memories of a lifetime – Guided by a Government certified experienced tour guides. For those wanting to extend their stays before or after our escorted tour, choose our 1 day excursion to the stunning Rose City of Petra a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy a city tour in captivating Amman, extend your Holy Land Pilgrimage and stand atop Mount Nebo where Moses viewed the Promised Land.
Day Tours


Petra Tour from Israel - 1 Day General Petra Excursion Tour

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