Jerusalem the Cradle of the three main Religions in the world

Temple Mount Jerusalem There are many places in this world that possess great importance and significance due to different reasons. Israel and especially Jerusalem is a place that holds great importance because it holds something for three biggest and most important religions in the world. These three religions are Islam, Christianity (see our Christian Holy Land travel tour package) and Judaism (see our Jewish Heritage Tours). Jerusalem is a city that is located in Israel and it is one of the most popular cities of Israel. People from all over the world visits Israel and especially Jerusalem for its significance.


We all know that there are three very popular religions in this world that are somehow interrelated to each other as well. Islam and Christianity both have great importance for the city of Jerusalem because there are many traces of old Prophets of Islam. There are many popular and huge mosques in Jerusalem in which many Prophets of Islam used to worship. In Israel and in Jerusalem there are many tombs of Prophets. In Christianity and in Judaism there are their own history and relations to the Jerusalem. And Jerusalem is the only place in this world that is considered to be holy by all these three religions.

Golden Dome

There are many places, historic places, sites, mosques, churches etc that describes the significance of Jerusalem and in this city all three types of religious people lives. There are many other places in this world that are very famous for different religions but they are considered holy for one religion but Jerusalem, Israel is the only place in the world having great importance for these three religions. Israel is always in the news for its steps that it takes for the other countries. The tourism in Israel had decreased but now they are trying to increase the tourism and let the people of these three religions to visit their holy place and to renew their faith.