We have just returned to Puerto Rico from our first trip to Holy Land – Israel. This has been an enlightenment and unforgettable travel experience for us which has exceeded all of our expectations. It has been by far the best tour experience of all our life and we are extremely satisfied with this tour. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude and recognition to the following entities: Israel Tourism Consultants and their Israel representative Diesenhaus. Mary Ramírez – thanks for your support and assistance during the tour booking planning and process. As previously indicated, everything during the tour worked and ran efficiently like a clock. Very commendable and excellent, just excellent selection of hotels. We were thrilled and delightful by all of these hotels accommodations and food quality. Jerry – tour guide/coordinator and Ellie, the bus driver. We have been in other tours before to different places in the world and we had never met a tour guide or coordinator as knowledgeable and comprehensive as Jerry. He definitely loves his job and is very humane and attentive to our needs as tourists. He paid attention to all details including the quality of our accommodations and service. He even assisted my wife’s cold with medicines. We do not have enough words to describe Jerry’s added value and his in-depth knowledge and historic references to this tour. He is definitely a very important and valuable asset to your organization. Ellie, the driver, very skillful driving the bus and always on time..just an excellent driver that compliments Jerry’s tour guide excellent skills during the tour. Our deepest gratitude and congratulations to these two valuable resources. Dudi and Yaacov Shorer for being sharp on time both when we arrived at Tel Aviv and when we departed from Tel Aviv. One special observation, although our luggage did not arrived on time due to a trip delay from Jet Blue during our arrival, the driver waited for us more than an hour at the airport…..THIS IS SERVICE!!! Turkish Airline personnel at Tel Aviv airport for their support and assistance in tracking and delivering to the hotel our missing luggage on time. Again our deepest congratulations to all parties mentioned here. We highly recommend Israel Travel Consultants for your future tour arrangements, they do provide high quality tours at an excellent value and they do fulfill what it is indicated in the tour specifications. We will definitely used them again for our return to Israel!!!! Thanks!!!

Manuel-Josie Julbe

The group was the perfect size and everyone was very amicable. The trip was price well with the hotel and meals included. We are highly recommending your company to our family and friends. I would like to mention our Driver Khadil from Maya bus tours as exceptional. He looked after us all like family.
Also, Ronen our tour guide has great knowledge of the history of Israel and religion. He imparted important information for our better understanding. He also took care of one lady on our tour who wasn't feeling well and stayed with her throughout the day. He made sure that she had a meal and provided water as we were all concerned. She was fine once she rested on the bus. We had a humbling and unforgettable experience.

Thank You!
Joanna Dictakis
Helen Kallonderi

Joanna Dictakis

I highly recommend Israel Tourism Consultants and Charles Dabby for your tour to Israel and several other countries. Over the years, I have taken 27 groups to visit the Holy Land. Before I found Charles, I used several tour companies and was very dissatisfied. I had some terrible experiences of being told of our hotels, buses, sites, and guides and not getting what we were expecting. I remember one year we only had 15 people traveling and I asked for a bus and I was told we would have a bus. An old van picked us up at the airport and we had to pile in and a truck had to haul our luggage. Everyone was complaining and to make matters worse the van driver was our guide. The company didn’t have a representative in Israel and I had to try to contact the tour company in the US. So, when I found Charles, I was so happy that God answered my prayers. Everything he tells you, you can count on it being true. He is a man of his word. He helps you plan your trip if you want him to and he follows through with phone calls to make sure everything is going well. He also has a representative in Israel that checks on you and your trip. I do not think you can find anyone better than Charles and Israel Tourism Consultants.

Pastor Kenneth Sturgill

Pastor Kenneth Sturgill

I just wanted to let you know we had the most fabulous time in Israel. Inon was great. I will totally recommend you and Inon to all of my family and friends. Thanks again for a wonderful experience.
the liebers.

Barry Lieber

We just arrived back in the US. The trip was just perfect. Thank you so much for your guidance. Marion our tour guide was a true blessing. Thank you so much Marion. You made this the most special trip in our family life. You were part of us and that made this trip so special. We Love You and will daily pray for Israel. For me I will be diligent to advocate in any and all political opportunity to advance the USA

Jeffrey W. Stentz

It was a lifetime experience for me and the entire. members of my group Beginning with my first time of working with Israel Tour Consultants has
been a great experience. This company was one among many that I could trust to put together one of the best tours I have ever taken. Their Agent
Alex who helped me through the transaction process was very good and professionally very considerate. In Israel the land arrangements went very
well, from the airport assistance through all our days in Israel was great. They actually made sure we got everything that was promised in the agreement.
Their local agent Laura in Israel was very caring in dealing with our group. Talking about our tours, everywhere we went was such a great lifetime
experience. The most remarkable was Baptism in the River Jordan where Jesus was Baptized, Sailing on the Sea of Galilee, floating in the Dead Sea
and taking the cable car to top of the amazing Masada Mountains. Our tour driver was great, very polite and experienced driver. Our tour guide Shifra
is such an amazing person. She is very articulate and excellent in dealing with people. I recommend her to everyone.
Tour Leader Joyce King

Joyce King

I am writing to inform you that we arrived a few hours ago from a beautiful tour you arranged for the Holy Land. We were very happy, no problems of any kind, on the contrary, we found everything very well organized, with the best guides and a great reception everywhere. With flights we also had no difficulty. Best regards and thanks, on behalf also of my daughters Silvia and Gloria.

Jacinta Scagliotti

Shalom Alex,
Just got back from our Holy Land tour in Israel early Tuesday morning. This was a great trip for our group of 17. We all had a great time and seen no trouble the whole time while touring. The last four days we spent in Jerusalem was just wonderful. We ran around in the old city the last two days on our own shopping and felt safe the whole time. Some in the group want to plan on coming back in two years already. We seen so much on this trip and it really made the bible come alive for us. Everything went great but our first flight from JFK airport which left two hours late but from then on the tour was back on track. The weather was perfect for touring every day. Our tour guide Jerry was very informative and we learned a lot from him.Thumbs up to you and your employee's for making this trip for us a great success!

Harry Geesey

I just wanted to enthusiastically thank you for the phenomenal tour! The Where it All Began Tour far exceeded my expectations. I am still overwhelmed by my experience. The guides were simply amazing, and treated us like family rather than tourists.

In Egypt, we had George and Jonas as our guide and coordinator. They were so knowledgeable and really into having our experience in Egypt be the best it could be. They made everyone in our little group fall in love with the country and its people. Our time in Cairo and Giza was an overwhelming world-wind of knowledge and history, and when we made it to St. Catherine, we all had a great time in the Bedouin tent on site. George is so knowledgeable and really loves the pharonic and Abrahamic history of Egypt, and his enthusiasm was infectious! We even got attached to our security guards and our drivers who were also into our experience! I felt safe and cared for the entire time.

The only drawback was the food in our last stop at the Gulf of Aqaba. It wasn't very good, and most of our group got sick overnight! Perhaps a different place for food would be better? Also, we were very confused about how we were to be picked up at that Egypt-Israel-Jordan border. The Israeli guide was about 30 minutes late, blamed her lateness on George's communication (we overheard their phone conversation, I thought it was clear when we were arriving), and welcomed us to "civilization", which we found, intentional or not, to be an insult to Egypt, especially after we fell in love with Egypt. We then walked over to Jordan.

In Jordan, we had Al-Addin, and he was welcoming, jovial, knowledgeable, and very caring, especially when we were feeling ill. He made certain that the Bedouins in Petra brought us yogurt and garlic to soothe our bellies and gave us advice about what to eat until we felt better. He was also really into our experience, and seems to really love Petra! He knew I was an artist, and pointed out things that he thought I would find interesting. I wish we had more time in Jordan!

The only bad experience was the horrorshow of the border crossing at Allenby Bridge from Jordan to Israel. Al-Addin took care of us right until we were put on the bus, but when we reached the actual border, our nightmare began. Everyone is treated like they are less than human! We had no direction, could not figure out what was going on, and about 500 people were funneled into 2 windows. After our luggage was checked it was thrown around like it was trash, regardless of any valuables that might be in there. We were in the crossing for 4 hours, and our driver was waiting forever. We actually think we'd rather spend more money to cross a different way.

When we finally got to Israel, we only had about 4 hours of sleep due to the nightmare of the border. But we joined the larger group, met our sensational guide Ronen, had a beautiful bus with wifi, and the best driver in Israel, Moses! We saw all of the important sites and churches, and were amazed by Ronen's knowledge of the bible passages that corresponded with the places we were. Ronen is a very funny and incredibly smart guide who kept us on our toes and safe. We had the right amount of driving and walking.

In all 3 countries, I'd like to say that our guides became our friends. I really can't say enough about how much I loved this trip. Except the border crossings. I understand that the guides can't go with us, but I think more guidance about what to expect would be helpful.

Thank you for everything!

Jennifer Primosch

Thank you for putting our Where it all Began group trip together for us. We had an amazing time, and appreciate all you did in preparation for our group. It was a trip of a lifetime for me.

Tammie Ellis
Grace Chapel
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