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Top Israel Travel Regions & Destinations

Discover the major regions and destinations of Israel:

Jerusalem’s amazing history and its countless religious and historic sites will always overwhelm the fact that it also is a living and thriving city and people. But then, it is hard to compete with 7,000 years of settlement.

Tel Aviv
The city recently celebrated its 100 anniversary. With an energetic people, a bustling high-tech industry, and a booming financial sector, the funds flowing into the first Hebrew city are giving Israeli art and culture a boost that they have never had before.

There is no other place in the northern part of Israel with the wide open expanses of the Golan – the beautiful plateau of the southern Golan, the canyons and valleys in the center, and the mountain range of the Hermon, rising up to its snow-capped peak.

Upper Galilee
The Upper Galilee is a land of lush fields, springs, and rivers at the crossroads of four climatic and vegetation zones. It abounds with wildlife, from millions of birds to foxes and wolves, and it abounds with flora, from the world’s northernmost papyrus to ancient oaks.

Safed, Rosh Pina, & Hazor
Safed and its surroundings have always been a place of mysticism. The 2nd century Jewish sages like Rabbi Shimeon Bar Yochai, 6th century mystics like Luria and Caro, and modern hassidim have turned this Israel area into one of the most magical in he Land of Israel.

Lower Galilee
A distinct line separates the Upper and the Lower Galilee – it is the grand cliff of the Beit Hakerem Valley that lifts the terrain another 300 meters above sea level. The Lower Galilee is famed for its rolling hills, open valleys, and olive orchards.

Western Galilee
The Western Galilee is the true essence of a Galilean landscape and a popular area to visit on any tour to Israel. You’ll be amazed with green mountains covered with beautiful Mediterranean forests extending all the way down into the sea, beautiful beaches, ancient towns, and hidden mountain villages.

Tiberias was founded by Herod of Galilee and named after the Roman emperor Tiberias. It was founded as a pagan town, but soon took on Jewish roots, becoming a center of Jewish learning and one of the four holy cities of the Land of Israel.

Richard Lion-Heart, Pillip of France, Saint Louis, Marco Polo, Rabbi Nahman of Braslav, Napoleon, and many other passed through Acre. For generations, it was the gate to the Holy Land, the starting point on the road to China.

The city of the Carmel extends over the slopes of the green mountain as it plunges into Haifa Bay. With the grand, gold-domed Bahai Temple on the slope of the mountain and the renovated German Colony at its foot, Haifa has more than a few places of interest.

When Herod the Great wrested Judea from the Hasmoneans, he inherited a stagnant economy and a need to pay his dues to the Roman emperor. One way to do that was to create the eastern Mediterranean’s biggest free port. And so Caesarea came into being.

With a beautiful Mediterranean coastline with dozens of beaches, and its proximity to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa, the Sharon is one of the best locations in Israel for a stay-put holiday. Even if you limit yourself to the Sharon, every day can be spent at a different beach.

The ancient port town of Ashkelon has been a Philistine capital, Hellenistic polis, and fortified Crusader city. Today Ashkelon is a Israeli modern town whose stunning beaches and nature reserve attract visitors from all over Israel.

Judean Hills
The Judean Hills are covered with the beautiful greenery of the Mediterranean and enchanting little villages peek out from between the trees. Vineyards and wineries abound, together with cheese makers and boutique farms.

Situated in the geographical center of Israel, about 90 km from Jerusalem and 100 km from Tel Aviv, Beersheba is known as the capital of the Negev. It is the region’s largest city with more than 200,000 residents and the gateway to the southern part of Israel.

An Israel Tour to Eilat offers a multitude of leisure activities: desert trips via everything from jeeps to camels; all water sports and sea activities imaginable; trendy restaurants, bars, and night clubs; tax-free shopping; luxurious spas; and all the other amenities of a world-class beach tourism resort.

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