Travel to Tel Aviv for a Israel Tour of a lifetime

The city of Tel Aviv is a 24 hour culture destination with entertainment, commerce, wide golden sand beaches, exotic markets, world class restaurants, dinning, shipping centers, and renowned nightlife that makes the city famous for being “the city that never stops.” A unique cosmopolitan metropolis where new meets old with contemporary architecture, and ancient buildings and streets, makes the city an intimate affair.

Modern Tel Aviv only recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. This young vibrant destination offers also the port of Old Jaffa which history goes back more than 5,000 years and is popular visit with pilgrims on Christian Israel holy land tours.

Tel Aviv constantly on the move with life and energy with lively flea markets that line narrow streets, provide fun activities, but the parties and barbecues start on the beach, when the sun set provides picturesque moments, and when night time comes everyone flocks to the fine restaurants in central Tel Aviv and Jaffa, and on to the clubs and café’s that are alive until sun rise.

Tel Aviv offers a plethora of activities in the night during an Israel tour: restaurants, music, bars culture, with yearly festivals and specially summer when it’s hot, with some people coming from all over the world to enjoy what Tel Aviv offers, it is no wonder it is called “the city that never stops.” It is true the city does not stop! At any hour of the day or night one can find people eating, dining, drinking coffee, having a good time dancing the night away in a night club, or going for a nice stroll at the scenic Neve Tzedek, the hype Port.

Tips for going out in Tel Aviv:

When: People in the city generally go out between 8 PM and 4 AM. Restaurants are usually open until at least 12 AM. Local dinner menus begin around 11 PM and bars around 9 PM. Dance bars clubs are full by 1 AM thru the night, therefore during the weekend starting Thursday make sure to have reservations or arrive early.  

Age: Bars, clubs and dance bars check for ID. The age restrictions changes according to the each place or party, so call or check in advance.

Tipping: Tip waiters and bartenders as you would normally do in US. The official tipping rate is slightly lower in Israel, 12% is the official tipping rate.

Main areas for going out: Florentin: Florentin offers a wide selection of cafes, restaurants and bars all within walking distance to the center of the neighborhood on Florentin Street. The streets may not always be well kept, but if you are looking for a casual night out Florentine is the place for you. A very stylish neighborhood in the south of Tel Aviv which attracts the younger crowd. 

The Port: The Port offers a great stroll along the wooden boardwalk and a great night hang out with it’s variety of bars and restaurants open late for those whom choose to enjoy the night out at a local club. The port is a great spot during the weekends, and during week days, many places offer parties specifically for tourist crowds.

Neve Tzedek:  The first Hebrew neighborhood in Tel Aviv, is know the most stylish place to live. Neve Tzedek is a collection of historical, small & picturesque houses. Because of its laid-back nature, you can find small bars and cafes along the narrow streets.

Yad harutzim: As you go south and enter the southern part of Tel Aviv. Venues become louder and larger! Yad Harutzim offers the cities biggest bars and night clubs, where the action starts around 12 AM and go late in to the night. You will also find great dinning, and restaurants for your palet.

Lilinblum & Nachlat Binyamin (Rothchild Quaters): A perfect location for bar hopping! Lilinblum & Nachlat, are the oldest nightlife area in Tel Aviv – where you will find yourself in front of another bar every step you take. This area offers you and friends the drinking “institutes” that have always been there for decades, and don’t seam to miss a beat and never go out of style.

Dizengoff & Ben Yehuda: Two popular streets in Tel Aviv when you travel to Israel, just a few more bars for you to visit. Bars are small and comfortable for locals, which you can guarantee they will be packed by 11 PM.

The beach: Hot! You can cool off during the summer, the beach takes a center spot in Tel Aviv life. Locals and tourist flock the sand to enjoy the sun and water during the day, and the beachfront bards and clubs during the night, starting at the port all the way to Jaffa. 

Don’t wait for Israel and Tel Aviv! Explore and choose your fun, Go out! For more information on Tel Aviv visit website. To learn more eabout the Holy Land and for the best selection of Israel tours visit our Holy Land site.


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