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Israel Welcomes Back Tourist in 2021 with New Entry Program During COVID

Israel Welcomes Back Tourist Families, Friends in Small Groups During COVID

Starting September 19, 2021, the Israel Ministry of Tourism has allowed families or small groups of 5-30 tourist visitors. This is welcomed news and so far a successful program, that is available for all tourist groups who are COVID vaccinated, book their trip with an approved tour operator company (Israel Tourism Consultants is one), and complete the COVID-19 test required for travel.

Who is Allowed to visit Israel in the Groups of 5 Minimum, and 30 Tourist Guest Maximum Entry Program?

Tourists who do not require a tourist visa, for example, only exclude Cubans, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans all other countries in the Americas can enter with your passport. Countries that are on the red list are also excluded from entry however as of October 04, 2021, there are none on the red list.

Visiting tourists must be fully vaccinated (completed full COVID-19 vaccination requirements) of a USA or EU-approved vaccine. Vaccinations or a booster vaccine shot must be done within 6 months of arriving in Israel. At the present time, unvaccinated individuals and children are not approved to visit Israel.

Tourist visitors arrive and depart together in groups of 5 to 30 people. This is perfect for groups of families, friends, or small church groups.

Can I travel Alone to Israel or go with a group of fewer than 5 people?

In this situation, you can join one of our Israel group tours under the current program. The entry rules are the same, however, you will join others who will be traveling to Israel on the same date and will be touring with you.

What Additional Requirements are Necessary for Visiting Israel Under COVID Entry Program?

  • Visiting tourist must book their Israel tour package with an approved tour operator (such as Israel Tourism Consultants), and must be accompanied by an Israeli Ministry licensed tour guide (all our guides are fully licensed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism) during the visit.
  • Visiting groups of 5-30 people must land in Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport together, and depart on the same flight.
  • Visiting tourists must take a PCR test 72 hours prior to departure to Israel, and a subsequent PCR and serological test upon arriving in Israel.
  • Travel insurance that covers COVID is required (we offer great plans and reasonable costs).
  • Visiting tourist must bring their vaccination certificate.
  • An additional PCR test is required 72 hours from your departure flight leaving Israel (this service is facilitated by Israel Tourism Consultants).

What Additional Planning for Visiting Israel Under COVID Entry Program is Necessary?

We will request documents for the preparation of your trip including passport copies, and vaccination certificates.

A tour package including hotels, flights, and tour itinerary must be set and agreed upon prior to travel.

An official group tour request must be submitted 15 days prior to arriving with the Israel Ministry of Tourism by your Tour Operator (Israel Tourism Consultants or who you booked your trip with).

What are the Benefits of Visiting Israel Now?

  1. Holy Land sites are not as crowded as before.
  2. Israelis are eager to welcome back visitors.
  3. After nearly two years of lockdowns, it is time to travel to the Holy Land for prayer and giving thanks.


Israel Re-Opens for Vaccinated Tourist
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