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Tour duration: 1 day
Tour operates: Monday, Thursday

Since the 10th century BCE Jerusalem has been the holiest city, and spiritual center of the Jews. Jerusalem has long been embedded into Jewish religious consciousness and Jews hold in their hearts the struggle by King David to capture Jerusalem and his desire to build the Holy Temple there, as described in the Book of Samuel and the Book of Psalms. Many of King David's yearnings about Jerusalem have been adapted into popular prayers and songs. Jerusalem is the ancestral, and spiritual homeland of the Jewish people. Jews have lived in the land of Israel for nearly 4,000 years, going back to the era of the biblical patriarchs (c. 1900 BCE). The history of the Jewish people, Israel, its capital of Jerusalem, and the Jewish Temple there, has been one of exile, destruction and rebirth. In its long history Jerusalem has been destroyed many times and many times reborn. There has always remained a Jewish presence in the land of Israel and in Jerusalem, and the Jewish people as a whole always dreamed of returning to and rebuilding it, and the Temple.

Day 1

Start our Israel jewish heritage tour with a magnificent overview of Jerusalem and the Judean Desert from Mount Scopus, near the Hebrew University Campus. Proceed to the Old City. We’ll visit the Tomb of King David on Mount Zion, and continue with a walk along the Cardo, an ancient Roman road and view the remains of the walls of Jerusalem dating from the 1st Temple period. After we visit four Sephardic synagogues restored after the 1967 war in the Jewish Quarter. Continue to Davidson Center and tour the southern Kotel excavations, and the Western Wall- the holiest site in Judaism and one of the original walls that retained the Temple. After we'll continue to Mea Shearim and learn about the unique lifestyle of the ultra orthodox communities. Drive to Mount Hertzel, the military cemetery and Yad Vashem, the memorial to the Holocaust. Return to point of departure.

What time is normal pick-up hours from my hotel?
  • Pick up from Tel-Aviv Hotels is approximately between 7:20am-7:40am
  • Pick up from Jerusalem Hotels is approximately between 9:00am-9:30am (expect traffic)
Additional important information for your tour:
  • We recommend comfortable walking shoes.
  • As per any travel destination-never leave your valuable belongings unattended in tour vehicles or during your tour.
  • Modest dress attire (no shorts or sleeveless shirts) for holy places – head covering is required, hats for men and shoulder covering for women.

Per person from Jerusalem—in a bus.


Per person from Tel Aviv—in a bus.


Per person from Jerusalem—up to 19 passenger group.


Per person from Tel Aviv—up to 19 passenger group.


Prices advertised are land package prices and are per person in U.S. dollars and inclusive of taxes.

Included services in package:
1. Meet & assistance at your hotel for pick-up
2. Deluxe air-conditioned motor coach bus/van.
3. Professional government certified English speaking Tour Guide.
4. Entrance fees as per Jeiwsh Heritage Jerusalem Tour itinerary.
5. One day sightseeing as per program.
6. No added fees for credit card payment.


Tour Highlights:
  1. Jerusalem the city chosen by God.
  2. Mount Scopus' hebrew name means "mount of the spectators" as it is one of the few places from which both the Dead Sea and the Dome of the Rock can be seen.
  3. The Old City of Jerusalem a UNESCO World Heritage site is the part of Jerusalem surrounded by the impressive 16th century Ottoman city walls and representing the heart of the city both historically and spiritually. In a city already divided, the Old City is further divided culturally and historically into four Quarters: the Muslim Quarter, the Jewish Quarter, the Armenian Quarter, and the Christian Quarter.
  4. Mount Zion just outside the walls of the Old City. Mount Zion has been historically associated with the Temple Mount.
  5. Tomb of King David is a site viewed as the burial place of David, King of Israel, according to a tradition beginning in the 12th century.
  6. The Cardo was Jerusalem's main street 1500 years ago. The Cardo was originally paved in the 2nd century when Hadrian rebuilt Jerusalem as a Roman polis called Aelia Capitolina. The Cardo was extended south to the area of today's Jewish Quarter in the 6th century by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian.
  7. Sephardic Synagogues located in the Jewish Quarter forming a complex which comprises four adjoining synagogues which were built at different periods to accommodate the religious needs of the Sephardic community, each congregation practising a different rite.
  8. Jewish Quarter is one of the four traditional quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem.
  9. Davidson Center The center offers the visitor an in-depth archaeological and historical introduction to the Jerusalem Archaeological Park by means of an exhibition of archaeological objects, augmented by visual, textual and audio information. One of the highlights of this modern facility is a real-time virtual reality reconstruction of the Herodian Temple Mount as it stood prior to its destruction by Roman troops in the year 70 CE.
  10. Western Wall- The holiest site in Judaism and one of the original walls that retained the Temple.
  11. Mea Shearim, one of the oldest Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem, Israel and where you'll learn about the unique lifestyle of the ultra orthodox Jewish communities.
  12. Mount Herzl is the site of Israel's national cemetery and other memorial and educational facilities, found on the west side of Jerusalem.
  13. Yad Vashem, the memorial to the Holocaust, and arguably one of the very best museums in the world.

Not included services in our tour rates:
1. Tips to guide/driver and hotel/restaurant staff.
2. Personal extras or meals not mentioned above.
3. Lunches.

Tips during your Jewish Heritage Jerusalem tour: It's important to consider your Tour Guides and Drivers work very hard to make your tour an experience of a lifetime, and most of their annual income comes from the generosity of those they are serving during the tours. It is recommended that tour guides are given at least $6.00 per touring day per person, and drivers are given at least $4.00 per touring day per person. Please consider also hotel staff during your stay, and other staff that will support you during your tour.

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