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Masada , a designated World Heritage Site of UNESCO, is a rugged ancient fortress in the Judean Desert built around 30 B. C. The ancient site is of great pride to the Jewish people and is situated on a massive plateau overlooking the Dead Sea. Masada was destroyed after a Jewish rebellion and last stand facing the Roman army in 73 A.D. Among the ruins are King Herod's Palace, which spreads over 3 terraces, and a Roman-style bathhouse with mosaic floors. The Masada Museum has archaeological exhibits and features recreations of historical scenes.

General Information

Region: Dead Sea
Management: Israel Nature and Parks Authority
Hours: Opened daily from 5AM - 4PM except Friday from 5AM - 3PM
Situated: Masada, Israel
Phone: +972 8-658-4207
Height: Cliffs on east edge of Masada are 400 m (1,300 ft) high, and cliffs on the west are 90 m (300 ft) high

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Do you know: The Roman Empire attacked Masada, building a siege ramp on the western face of the plateau which is still present to this day