Qumran Tour in Israel

Qumran , is an archaeological site situated northwest of the Dead Sea shore on the West Bank and managed by Israel's Qumran National Park. The site was occupied mostly during the Greco-Roman period (ca. 150 BC-68 AD). The community that lived in Qumran is identified with the Essenes people, a religious sect, that lived in isolation in this region west of the Dead Sea. Qumran became well known in 1947, when a Palestinian shepherd discovered in a cave a series of scrolls, which are known today as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

General Information

Region: Dead Sea
Management: Israel Nature and Parks Authority
Hours: Opened daily from 5AM - 4PM except Friday from 5AM - 3PM
Situated: Qumran, The site is in the north of the Dead Sea on the West Bank.
Phone: +972 02-9942235
Founded: Between 134–104 BCE

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Do you know: The surrounding site of Qumran is identified by some scholars as the biblical “City of Salt” unesco.com.