Negev Travel Guide

The Negev is a large desert area in the south occupying 62% of the total land in Israel. Its most important city is Be’er Sheva, an Old City home to the Negev Museum of Art, with contemporary Israeli and international exhibits. Nearby is Abraham’s Well, a cultural center with interactive exhibits about the story of Abraham. East of Be’er Sheva, Tel Be’er Sheva is a prehistoric settlement mound with ruins which includes a lookout tower with amazing desert views.

To the southeast is Mamshit National Park, is home to remains of a 2,000 year old Arab city, including a large wall and a 3-story guard tower. West of here, Shivta National Park features a partially reconstructed Byzantine city, including a dovecote and churches. To its southeast is En Avdat National Park, with a waterfall, canyon and a grove of Euphrates poplars. At the southern tip of the Negev is the popular resort city on the Red Sea, Eilat. It's famed for beaches and coral reefs. The nearby Eilat Mountains Nature Reserve has unique hiking trails through areas such as Red Canyon. Negev is where adventure and inspiration await you on a tour to Israel. An ideal destination for tourist who enjoy adventure in the great outdoors.The south of Israel is hardly populated, but packed with fascinating sites and things to do.

Top sites

Popular tours

  • Tour Eilat in the Negev Region

    Eilat Tour

    3 Days│Including 2 nights in Eilat; Negev desert, Timna valley, Copper mines, Eilat, The Underwater Observatory Marine Park, Mitzpe Ramon, Ramon Crater, Bedouin experience.

  • Israel Tour Package including Eilat and the Negev Region

    Jewish Heritage Tour

    14 Days│Including 2 nights in Eilat; Negev desert, Israeli Airforce meuseum, Kibbutz Sde Boker, Bedouin experience, Ramon Crater, Eilat.

  • Israel Tour Package with Tel Aviv

    Grand Israel Tour

    14 Days│ Including 2 nights in Eilat; Negev desert, Israeli Airforce meuseum, Kibbutz Sde Boker, Bedouin experience, Ramon Crater, Eilat.

  • Holy Land tour to Egypt, Jordan, Israel Including Tel Aviv

    Footsteps of Moses Tour

    13 Days │Incuding 1 nights in Eilat; Negev desert, Eilat.

When to tour

Skies are clear year-round with little to no rain only from Dec–Feb. Beach life, sun-bathing, snorkeling and diving around the protected reefs are popular activities in Eilat. Summers months May–Sep are very hot, with extreme heat waves from Jun–Aug. The Red Sea Jazz Festival are held twice per year in Feb and Aug showcasing international and Israeli Jazz acts. The Eilat Chamber Music Festival in Feb features violin musical concerts, piano recitals, musical shows and string quartet performances.

Travelers from North America typically stay 1–3 days.

Current weather for the week in Eilat:

Average monthly temperatures in Eilat:


Low / High


January 50° / 70° 0 days
February 52° / 74° 0 days
March 58° / 80° 0 days
April 64° / 88° 0 days
May 71° / 96° 0 days
June 76° / 102° 0 days

Low / High


July 80° / 105° 0 days
August 80° / 104° 0 days
September 76° / 99° 0 days
October 70° / 92° 0 days
November 60° / 82° 0 days
December 52° / 73° 0 days

Current weather for the week in Be’er Sheva:

Average monthly temperatures in Be'er Sheva:


Low / High


January 44° / 62° 5 days
February 45° / 64° 5 days
March 48° / 69° 3 days
April 54° / 79° 1 day
May 59° / 85° 0 days
June 64° / 89° 0 days

Low / High


July 68° / 92° 0 days
August 68° / 91° 0 days
September 65° / 89° 0 days
October 61° / 84° 0 days
November 53° / 75° 2 days
December 47° / 65° 5 days


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